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Alpine Ski Poles Charm

The alpine ski resort is built on the northern foot of the Great Helm Mountain and the Ergao Mountain, consisting of three ski runs. The average width of the ski runs is 60 meters and the total length is about 8000 meters and 804 meters. On the side of the main ski run there is a Japanese single-person chair (1381 meters, Alpine Ski Poles the second section is 1116 meters long). The venue can be held in the rotation, big turn, super turn and slide down the project competition. And suitable for some skiing experience, Alpine Ski Poles senior travel skier. And built an athletic apartment, can provide 200 people's accommodation. 1995 through the International Ski Federation (FIS) acceptance, and access to the international competitive ski authority issued by the certificate. the main travel agency, Association representative of the common witness opened the curtain, which means that the majority of tourists friends and ski enthusiasts at home can experience the charm of skiing.

Sea grass mountain ski project for the Huize County tourism investment projects, construction content, including ski resorts, RV camps, tourist reception centers and parking lots. After the completion of the project, can make up Huize County winter tourism short board, Alpine Ski Poles to promote the development of tourism in the county, so that Huizhi County, Yunnan Province, following the Shangri-La ski resort, Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort after another winter sports and tourism leisure Holy land, to achieve economic benefits and social benefits double harvest.

In the grass mountain dozens of mountain flower family, when the number of bullflies at the foot of the rhododendron of the most magnificent, five acres of rain, Alpine Ski Poles Huang Hongbai in the summer to compete into one! And the publicity of the azalea rhododendron is different from the existence of the grass in the grass ga Gala spent the rest of the flowers and carefully open the open.

Yushan Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the lowest latitude ski resort in the country and the first alpine ski resort in Guizhou. Alpine Ski Poles Snow flying saucer, snow assault boat, snow and other skiing projects, the number of tourists received up to 7,500 passengers, can accommodate 2,500 people skiing.