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Alpine Ski PolesThe Venue

1. Snow sports ground.

2. Alpine skiing. It includes sliding, turning, slewing, high mountain, triathlon, single pole competition, and super giant slalom. The various competition routes choose to be in the forest, wind free, the snow cover large area, wide at least 20m, the snow face to be tamping, solid, pressure, the thickness of the snow at least 20cm.

Classification and requirements of alpine ski slopes

Glide field

Glide area to flat, spacious, lines for at least 30 m wide, allowed to retain the natural slope, slope and inverse of turning, but don't have a continuous rolling and continuous empty phenomenon, are not allowed to have a little of the rotary turning, the steep or turn to set limit to control the average speed, and set up the safety net. The height difference of the line: the man is 500-1000m, the woman is 500 700m, from the starting point, in the absence of the staff, can smooth smoothly to the end.

Back to the ferry

Rotary field must be beneficial to most athletes can play technology and pass, line width at least 40 m, 25 ° a 30 ° of steep slope to take l / 4 of the whole line. Do not form straight or flat corners on the full line. The height difference of the line: 140-220m for men and 120-180m for women, and the sliding speed limit for 9-11m per second. The lines of the two RACES are arranged on the same hillside.

G field

The topography of the great turning ground is the most undulating terrain, which, on the premise of natural turning, can be used to combine the large, middle and small turns skillfully, and the line width is at least 30m. Line height difference: 250-400m for men, 250-350m for women and 140-16m per second for sliding speed. When setting up two different lines, it is true to consider the gliding performance of the two lines as close as possible.

The two and three all-powerful single pole competitions are the same as the other one, only to reduce the difficulty of the line, usually only one time.

Super giant slalom

Super g sites need to be able to make the athletes have sufficient choice of each slide gate between their lines, the lines between the downhill and giant slalom, had better be craggy terrain, ups and downs and combining the natural turn. The line is at least 30m. Line height difference: the man is 500-600m, the woman is 350 500m. All venues shall set the departure gate, door flag and terminal door according to the rules of the item.