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Ski Poles The Length Of The Choice

People who like skiing should know that it is important to choose the right ski poles. So what's the use of a ski pole? The following will introduce the function of the poles and the selection of the length of the poles

The main function of ski poles

1. When the skis stand on the snow surface, the poles should support the balance in time.

2. When the skis are not fast, the poles push hard and speed up.

3. When the skis turn, the poles can be used to promote the effective conversion of weight.

4. The ski poles are used to support and advance in the operation of climbing and traveling.

5. When the snowboard stunt shows, the poles dance and participate in the shape of beauty.

If you can point the staff correctly in the turn

1. Before or after the staff, both hands should be held in front of the waist. The rod and the tip of the rod are normal, but should be mentioned as soon as possible.

2. The position of the staff is usually in the front of the retainer, the front of the fixator.

3. The force of the wand comes from the forearm and wrist, not using the upper arm to pin the staff, similar to the feeling of using a hammer to hammer a nail.

4. When preparing the staff, the tip of the staff can be tilted forward a bit, but in fact, the rod and the snow face are vertical at the moment of the staff, so that the force can be applied and the effect of the staff is received.

5. After the staff, the hand should not be removed from the lower part of the body, and the direction of the operation should be consistent with the outward direction of the upper body.

Ski rod length choice

When choosing, we should take quality light, not easy to break, balance to feel good, suit oneself height is the principle. Generally from the snow round, the longest but the shoulder, the shortest under the threat. It can be waved through the leather bracelet and wielded with the wand.

The poles are generally divided into alpine poles, cross-country poles and free ski ballets. The length of the ski pole is usually taken as the height of the elbow to the ground. Beginners can choose a slightly longer ski pole, and when the technology improves, choose shorter poles. The length of the ski rod is 90-3125px.

The ski pole should be worn on the wrist to prevent falling off. The snow wheel prevents ski poles from deep in the snow and gives skiers a stable fulcrum at high speed.

The material of the poles

Traditional poles for aluminum alloy material, the standard of 18 mm in diam., there is still the mainstream of the market, because the process maturity, rental with cheap poles is aluminium, competitive athletes with poles are also is aluminium, the difference is only in different intensity, the only similarity is affected by abnormal cause bending force, this is the aluminum poles shortcomings, players level of aluminum poles, light weight and elasticity is moderate, don't feel heavy hand control. With the progress of science and technology, thin carbon fiber (carbon) poles to be favorred gradually, carbon fiber qualitative hard won't bend (but will fracture), combined with cool appearance, many skiers are poles by this material, but the price will be more aluminum poles of high quality, and manufacturing technology affect the weight of the carbon fiber poles, lay particular stress on poles will affect handling.

At present market also someone USES glass fiber material to make a snow stick, the 18mm diameter of similar aluminium material, also holds the advantage that does not bend. In fact, many people will mix carbon fiber and glass fiber, in fact only want to take a closer look at the material composition report on the staff of the staff report can understand. This one, two years, the latest and most popular in Japan is the scale of the snow staff, the length of the rod can be between 100-3000px (a small number of factory CARDS can be adjusted to 3125px). The telescopic rod, which is divided into two sections, combines aluminum and carbon fiber. The upper half of the non-retractable part USES the lightweight aluminum material, the lower half of the retractable part is the carbon fiber material. In fact, telescopic snow staff asked the city for a long time, but before the expansion of the snow staff mainly used in the climbing, the feeling of the weight, the skiing is not very good.