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Trekking Poles Tips

Hiking also known as hiking, hiking or hiking, not the usual sense of the walk, nor is it a race in the race, but refers to the purpose of suburbs, countryside or mountain range between long-distance walking exercise, walking is Outdoor sports in the most typical and most unique kind. Short distance hiking is relatively simple, do not need to pay attention to skills and equipment, if it is a long distance on foot should have better outdoor knowledge and skills and equipment. Hiking is often considered an activity closest to nature.


Camping "standard class" the following activities, generally only have a pair of military shoes or non-slip sneakers, a backpack that can hold food and drink; do not forget to bring band-aid and other drugs.

Need not camping "standard", "standard +" above the activities, need to purchase some equipment: for example, a suitable 45L or more backpacks (with a carrying system), a pair of hiking boots (highly recommended), other headlights, Knives, medicines, compass, maps and other small items;

Need camping "standard", "standard +" above the activities, then we must add some camping equipment on the basis of the above, such as sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads, tents; flashlights and stoves.

High intensity activities (Standard + +, Challenges, Challenge +) that require camping or "standard +" or more are generally referred to as long-distance traversal activities; it is best to have a full range of tent equipment, professional mountaineering hiking shoes, Pants (including fleece underwear), a full set of stoves, wind and snow with a professional knowledge of outdoor equipment installed and so on.

As a new type of outdoor travel, hiking is more and more favored by young people. It not only exercises people's physique and endurance, cultivates people's heart and temperament, and promotes interpersonal communication, but also inspires people to love nature and love life Emotions, so tired living in the city to relax the soul. However, the way of hiking there are risks, a little careless may also be an accident, so here we summed up the nine notes on the trek, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

It is best to go hand in hand, at least 3 or more people on the way to help each other and take care of each other. But it is best not to too many people, or interfere with each other, mobility. Luggage with less and lighter, but we must bring some commonly used drugs.

Departure should deal with all aspects of the need to go through the situation, their own physical condition (such as lower extremity vascular disease, skin ulcers and flat foot disease should not be hiking) and the prevailing climatic conditions to understand.

To grasp the walking speed, walk slowly, and then speed up a few days later. On a daily basis should take a rest (longer), usually at noon. Rest areas should avoid direct sun and low-lying, wet place.

To ensure adequate sleep time and nutritional supplements, do not just eat dry food for a long time, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ideal for walking is to wear sneakers or special hiking shoes, because these shoes not only have some flexibility, the brain can play a moderate buffering effect, but also reduce the long-distance walking caused by foot swelling.

If it is long-distance trekking, it is best to carry out several adaptive training before departure, and gradually increase the amount of exercise to enhance endurance. Walking, with the foot of the floor, the force should be moderate, to maintain body balance.

Foot massage every day after walking to warm up to relieve fatigue. When your feet have blisters, you can use needles (first wipe with alcohol cotton balls or burn on fire) to lead out the water, then apply the red medicine to prevent infection. Remember not to tear the skin, so easy to infection will aggravate the foot pain.

When walking uphill, your body should slightly lean forward, climb the steep slopes should take the zigzag line; downhill, the body should be later Yang, relax the lower limb muscles, so as not to waist and leg pain.

Hiking should be based on their physical condition to determine the daily trip, usually 4 to 5 kilometers per hour walk. Every walk, choose the shade, gazebo, etc. rest for 15 minutes to restore physical strength.

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